4 Benefits of Travel

4 Benefits of Travel

4 Reasons Why You Should Travel

There are many excuses why you may not travel. It could be work commitments, financial pressure, or a fear of new and different experiences. This, my friends, is what I call the excuse bug. Despite the fact that these very excuses were most likely used by the baby boomers themselves, it is now one of their biggest regrets. From a survey of 2,000 baby boomers, “one in five boomers [said] that one of their biggest regrets is not traveling enough….” Among other major regrets one might have at the end of his or her life, not traveling enough is a regret that can easily be remedied. Here are four reasons why you should travel and avoid the regret altogether:

1. A Boost of Happiness: We can all get caught up in crossing items off our checklist, and that may leave little room for fun and relaxation. Vacation is a time where you finally get the chance to relax, enjoy family time, and do what you WANT to do, not what you NEED to do.

2. Stress Reducer: While not all vacations are stress free, travel can be a source of liberation if it is well-planned. Having a travel agent work the schedule and details of your trip gives you a greater chance of a stress free vacation. Then, for at least a little while, you can forget all about the stresses and problems that are happening at home. Taking a break from the “have to do’s” will help us gain a better perspective of what we can accomplish. Not only will we be able to perform better, but we can handle future stress with greater capability.

3. Increase in Energy: Think of your body as a vehicle that needs fuel. Once it runs out, you need to fill it up. While your body needs food and water to keep it fueled, positive travel gives you the strength to tackle the tasks of adulthood.

4. Enhance Meaning in your life: Travel is educational. It is also life impacting and eye opening. We come to see purpose and meaning by immersing ourselves with other cultures, gaining gratitude for our own homes. New experiences give us new ideas, altering our perspective on not only how we see the world, but how we see ourselves and those around us. There is also ample opportunity to create new friendships and strengthen relationships already formed.

Life will always be busy, so get rid of the excuse bug and get out there! Give yourself the boost of happiness, the stress reducer, the increase in energy, and the enhanced meaning in your life that you deserve.

How has travel benefited you?

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Why Today We Are In the Golden Age of Flying

Many harken back to the period of about 1945 to 1975 as the “Golden Age of Flying.” I say, “au contraire” – today (right now) things are much better for fliers. Here are ten reasons why:

1. It’s way faster. In the 1940s, an average intercontinental flight had at least a 12 layovers in airpots that offered little more than a snack bar. Now, you can fly from Los Angeles all the way to Sydney, Australia non stop.

2. You won’t smell like an ashtray when you land. Airplane cabins used to be smokier than the air in a casino until lighting up on planes was finally banned in 1980.

3. Flying is actually cheaper. According to the Department of Transportation airfares are about as low as they’ve ever been (excluding 2009) when adjusted for inflation. Airlines for America reports the inflation-adjusted fares fell from about $442 in 1979 (which is when airlines deregulated) to about $275 in 2014 — a nearly 38% drop.

4. You can find airfares on your own. It takes less than a minute to check the costs of dozens of airlines for any given city pair and dates. You can go to kayak.com on your computer and check every airline but Southwest. So, by checking two websites (southwest.com and kayak.com) you’ll find the cost for every airline in the world. Imagine trying to book a flight even just 20 years ago when there was no internet — you had to call the airline or physically visit its office. And comparison shopping could only be done by a travel agent, who would have to look through each airline’s printed schedule. A travel agent is still your best bet for complicated international travel.

5. Today’s airports are far more enjoyable places to spend layovers. Many airports now have shopping malls. Or, with your computer you can visit facebook, play games or watch movies.

6. You can travel in comfortable clothes. Many people lament the loss of being required to dress up (like you were going to church) but I, for one, can’t imagine wearing a suit and tie on a transcontinental flight. If you aren’t old enough to remember, there was a time when you had to fly in formal attire, but you can now wear pretty much whatever you want on a plane.

7. You are far less likely to lose your luggage. Thanks to improved technology, the number of mishandled bags fell 61%, from 18.88 bags per thousand passengers in 2007 to 7.3 bags per thousand passengers in 2014 according to the International Air Transport Association. That’s less than a 1% chance you’ll lose your bag. But if you’re paranoid, there are now plenty of gadgets that will help you track your luggage in case the airline does screw up.

8. Luggage has gotten smarter. One of those gadgets helping protect your bag is, your bag itself. There’s been a rise in the production of smart luggage. You can now get a bag that weighs itself, tracks itself and will even charge your cell phone.

9. You don’t even need to check a bag. Lot’s of people now fly with only a carry-on. And, you can also just wear a jacket that is a bag. Travel jackets have in excess of 30 pockets. The only problem is finding the right pocket where you’ve put something. Or use an app, like DUFL, that will deliver your pressed clothes to your hotel before you even arrive.

10. There are lots of ways to entertain yourself on a plane. Fliers in the 1950s were stuck with almost no way to keep busy. Not long ago airlines showed only one movie. Now, if you’re flying international, you have dozens to choose from. And, yes, there’s Wi-Fi. Nearly all airlines now provide some form of in-flight internet. Some airlines are even starting to provide fliers with free Wi-Fi.

Added bonuses you can get: Boarding passes sent to your phone, luggage tags you can print at home and security lines bypasses by signing up for memberships with Global Entry and/or TSA PreCheck.

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I love Hawaii. I love everything about Hawaii. I am constantly trying to figure out how I can get back to the islands. In just two months time I will make a return trip to Hawaii. In fact, this upcoming trip will be my 165th visit to Hawaii. My first trip was when I was a 16 year-old surfer boy from California. It was love at first site…and first wave!

I particularly enjoy the beaches. It’s beach heaven. I want to share with you some of my favorite Hawaiian beaches. This is not a complete list, but just a few to get you started.

Waikiki Beach Oahu. Crazy, chaotic, and crowded. I have sometimes referred to Honolulu and Waikiki Beach as the “Tijuana of the Pacific.” Yes, it is crazy, but I love this beach. There are so many activities and a great place for “people watching.” Ask your hotel which nights “Sunset Movies on the Beach” are shown on a big screen right on Waikiki.

North Shore Beach Oahu. A seven-mile stretch of beach on the windward side of the island where the winter surfing championships are held. It’s a great place for whale watching during the migratory season. This area is also home to Pu’u Mahuka Heiaum Oahu’s oldest ancient religion shrine. Be sure to stop at one of the many fresh shrimp trucks for lunch. The Famous Kahuku Shrimp Truck and Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, both located near Kahuku, are the most well known with their garlic and butter shrimp being popular.

Lanikai Beach Oahu. This picturesque beach with pristine sand and turquoise water, calm waves, and a lush tropical garden environment it is perfect for couples and families. Located near Kailua and less than an hour’s drive from Waikiki. Presently there are no washrooms or facilities available.

Poipu Beach Kauai. A beautiful beach on the southern part of the island. Calm water with facilities and food service available, it is perfect for families. Easy accessible from many hotels.

Kauna’oa Beach Hawaii. Located on the Big Island, Kauna’oa is a secluded crescent-shaped beach in a serene tropical setting located on the west side of the island not far from the Mauna Kea Hotel. The beach is popular for swimming and snorkeling, but parking is limited. Be advised, this beach is limited to just 25 persons at any given time. It’s best to arrive before 9:00AM.

Punalu’u Beach Hawaii. You will recognize this beach from photographs. Punalu’u is the Big island’s famous black sand beach and home to the endangered green sea turtles located on the east side of the island. It’s a great pace to camp, picnic, relax, and snorkel.

Kaanapali Beach Maui. Okay, it is “hotel row” and the many areas of the beach are narrow due to hotel construction, I still love this beach. Kaanapali is a great place for swimming and paddle boarding and one of the best places in all of Hawaii for whale watching during the winter months. The area offers a wide variety of hotels and restaurants.

Hawaii no ka oi! (“Hawaii is the best!”)

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Disneyland vs. Disney World Price Comparison

A vacation to a Disney Park creates memories that last a lifetime.  We have compared side by side the differences of visiting both Disneyland and Disney World using on site (Disney owned) and off site hotels and resorts.  We compared several hotels both on site and off site and averaged the prices for high, low and mid-season rates.  The infographic below shows our comparison of the different ways you can visit Disney parks for a family of four staying 4 nights and departing from Salt Lake City.


It is interesting to note that the on site hotels (Disney owned) are some of the best vacation values. Only the Disneyland off site option has a lower average cost. Disneyland is a closer destination and has lower airfare costs, but when you want the full Disney vacation experience an on site hotel at Walt Disney World vacation may be the best overall value.



Data was taken using vacation packages sold through Funjet Vacations and Southwest Vacations.

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My Favorite Destination – BANGKOK

I’m often asked what my favorite place to visit is.  I always answer this question with a question, viz., “What is the purpose of the trip?”  For excitement; something exotic, but very safe; great food, world famous beaches, deluxe hotels, and a friendly and welcoming people, it’s an easy call — Thailand.  No other place on earth exerts the same power over people.

Bangkok, the “City of Angels” and capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, is an exciting, colorful and vibrant city of over 12 million people.  Bangkok is the “Venice of the East” with more than 300 canals (“klongs”) that crisscross the city.  In one day you will find yourself taking an automobile taxi, “tuk tuk” three-wheeled open-sided taxi, and a water taxi; and we haven’t even talked about the above ground Skytrain and below ground subway.  Board a long-tail boat and explore the many klongs that wind through the city.

Bangkok is a modern city paired with antiquity.  It is a city of contrasts with a long history, world class shopping, colorful night life, night markets, street vendors, entertainment, and delicious cuisine.  Between modern shopping malls, and tall skyscrapers, you will find the traditional and spiritual side of the people with the many temples gracing the city.

The Chao Praya River cuts through the center of the city.  No visit to Bangkok would be complete without an evening dinner cruise along the river with the temple and palaces illuminated.  Other popular activities include a food and walking tour of “Old Bangkok”, a bicycle tour, spa visit, Muay Thai kick boxing, the famous flower market, and a stroll through the Chinatown market.

Not to be missed wats (“temples”) and historic areas include the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha, Wat Po and the reclining Buddha, and Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn.  Bangkok and all of Thailand is a shopper’s paradise with large indoor shopping malls, including the popular Siam Paragon, MBK, CentralWorld, Terminal 21, and Siam Center; to street vendors and night markets that offer everything imaginable.

Dining out is a national pastime and the Thais take their food seriously!  Thai cuisine is famous around the world and what better place to enjoy the wonders of Thai cooking than right here in Thailand.  Fine and casual dining right along side street food is all available and is reasonable priced.  Consider enrolling in a Thai cooking class.

One visit to Bangkok is never enough.  There is a power to Bangkok and the Kingdom of Thailand that brings you back.  You will find both Bangkok city and the country one of the most exciting, exotic, and adventuresome places you will ever visit, and you, too, will start planning your return trip.

-Larry Gelwix

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The Best Family Hotels in Cancun Riviera Maya

Cancun and the Riviera Maya have become one of the best destinations for family travel.   Families are flocking to this destination because of the all-inclusive vacation experience and plenty of things to do for all ages.  You can explore ancient cultures, swim with whale sharks, swim in a cenote, take a thrilling zip line ride or snorkel in the beautiful blue water.  There are several good hotel/resort options in all price ranges to choose from, but there are three hotels that stand out for a great overall value for a family all-inclusive vacation experience.

3. Azul Beach: This 5 star all-inclusive hotel is a smaller hotel located on a great beach.  It is a boutique hotel that is kid-centric, but inspires romance. Azul Beach just recently signed an agreement from Nickelodeon to operate their kids and teens program. This beachfront hotel caters to families and couples in an intimate and refined setting.

2. Azul Fives: This is a 5-star hotel that is perfect for larger families.  At this gourmet all-inclusive hotel  you can purchase a studio to a 3 bedroom unit.  This resort caters to the five senses.  It offers 9 restaurants and 5 pools. One of the highlights is their cenote where you can often see spider monkeys.  One of the unique room categories is the Sky Suite that is located on the upper floors and has stair access to the roof with a Jacuzzi hot tub, bbq grill and plenty of space for the family to spread out. This is the perfect hotel for all ages.

1. Generations Riviera Maya: This 5-star hotel is meant for all generations.  It is an all-butler hotel geared for families and extended families.  Your butler can reserve beach cabanas, special themed meals in your room and so much more. You can purchase studio to 3 bedroom units, many with either swim up accommodations or access to walk out plunge infinity pools.  All 144 units plus the 4 gourmet restaurants at Generations have a beach front view.  One additional perk is that adults have access to an additional 11 restaurants at the El Dorado Royal located next door.  This is the perfect resort that balances kid time with adult relaxation.

There are several amazing family hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya to choose from.  These are three choices that provide an exceptional family experience.

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Jamaica – A Caribbean Paradise!

There are generally two different perceptions of Jamaica based on “how you visit” Jamaica. Many people visit Jamaica as a port of call on a cruise ship, while others take a land vacation and stay for a few days.  Most people that visit on a cruise ship sometimes state they would not like to go back, while those that take a land based vacations rank it among their top travel destinations.  Why is there such a big difference of opinion?


Visiting by Cruise Ship:

People generally remember the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes in port.  Unfortunately, this first and last impression is generally not a good one for Jamaica. While most people report that they enjoyed the destination and activities, most only remember the swarm of vendors as they get on and off the ship and at some points on certain tours.  Many that visit Jamaica on a cruise ship would not care to go back.  The port of call experience that many have does not accurately represent the great destination of Jamaica.

Visiting by Land:

When you choose to visit Jamaica on vacation your impression can be totally different than those that visit by cruise ship.  In Jamaica, you have friendly people, good food, amazing beaches, fun activities and some of the best all-inclusive resort hotels in the world.  Many that visit Jamaica on vacation would chose the destination again and again and it usually is one of their top vacation destinations.

My Experience:


I have been fortunate to visit Jamaica by both methods above.  The first five times I visited by cruise ship.  If you had asked me a year ago (before I visited on an actual vacation) about Jamaica I would have told you that  Jamaica is one of the most beautiful tropical destinations I have ever visited, but I would never choose to vacation there.

Now, I have taken two land based vacations to Jamaica in the last 6 months.  My view of the destination is 100% different now.  I received some of the most attentive and friendly service by hotel staff I have ever experienced at the Sandals Montego Bay and Hyatt Ziva/Zolara hotel resorts, along with some of the best food anywhere in the world!  If you have not had authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken you are missing out on a great meal.  The activities available are some of the best of any destination in the world.  I personally enjoy the Jamaican Bobsled Experience and Bamboo Rafting.

Jamaica is similar to Hawaii in that the flight time is about that same,  there are great beaches, a good selection of activities and excellent food.  One major difference is although the price points are similar to Hawaii, in Jamaica you get an all-inclusive experience where all of your meals, drinks and some water sports (at resort) are included.

My Top Jamaica Hotel Recommendations:

1 – Hyatt Ziva/ Zolara: 5 star (my rating) all-inclusive with a family section (Ziva) and a adults only section (Zolara)

2 – Royalton White Sands: 5 star (my rating) all-inclusive that is perfect for a family vacation

3 – Sandals Royal Caribbean: 4.5 star (my rating) – Sandals can be a little pricy but you won’t find better service anywhere in the Caribbean or Mexico.

4 – Riu Ocho Rios: 4 star (my rating) –  This is a big resort with a great beach and close to many of the activities on the island.

5 – Holiday Inn Montego Bay: 3.5 star (my rating) – This is a basic all-inclusive hotel without the bells and whistles of the above hotels but perfect for the value minded traveler.

My Favorite Jamaica Activities:


1 – Jamaican Bob Sled Experience: A fun rollercoaster type experience through a tropical rain forest

2 – Bamboo Rafting: A leisurely float on a bamboo raft – perfect for couples

3 – Dunn’s River Falls: Probably the most popular activity on the island. There are some pushy vendors here, but the Falls them self are beautiful and fun to climb.

4 – Rose Hall Great House/ Haunted Night Tour:  Learn about Annie Palmer and why the house is said to be haunted.

5 – Spirit of Reggae Tour: Visit Bob Marley’s home town of Nine Mile.


Jamaica is a Caribbean island paradise that I hope to visit many, many more times.

By Mark Faldmo, Jr
Contributing – Rayleen Myers
Columbus Travel

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Orlando Trip Planning Aids

It all started with Walt Disney World, but today there’s a lot more to do and see in Orlando.  Yes, there are theme parks galore:  four in Disney World alone; plus Universal Studios features two theme parks; then there’s Sea World; and also Legoland.  In addition, you can visit the Kennedy Space Center, and on May 4th the Orlando Eye opens.  A handy tool in planning an Orlando stay can be found at the website visitorlando.com – a great source of information.  It also has discounts available for restaurants, hotels and several attractions.

Walt Disney World:

Four magnificent theme parks on 48-square miles of land – Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  On property are also 23 Disney resort hotels, two water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon).  Whereas Disneyland in California is a weekend getaway, Disney World will require at least a full week.

Lasts year, Disney started a new program at the Walt Disney World Resort called “My Magic Plus,” which will enable you to plan your entire vacation before leaving home.  You can reserve your free “fast-pass” options 30-days in advance of your vacation.  Fast-pass lets you reserve a time for up to three rides – show up without waiting in line.  If you are staying at a Disney on site hotel, you can start reserving 60-days prior to travel.  You can reserve three fast-passes per person per day.  After you use your three fast passes, you can reserve three more at any of the fast pass kiosk’s located throughout the parks.

Guests staying at a Walt Disney Resort hotel will receive a “magic band.”  The magic band is programmed to contain your room key, Disney admission pass, your fast-passes and your dinner reservations.  You can actually set up your “magic band” to charge all your purchases if you would like.

Get the ball rolling by registering at startyourdisneyexperience.com.  From this website you can select the color for each family member’s “magic band” and have them sent to your home prior to your vacation.  You can also sign up for your fast-passes, make dinner reservations and, for select hotels, pre-register and bypass the front desk by going straight to your room.  Your magic band will be your room key.

You can also get an app for your smart phone that will show you your fast-pass reservations, wait times and the different attractions.

Universal Studios Orlando:

Here you will find two parks:  “Universal’s Islands of Adventure” and “Universal Studios Florida,” of which the former is home to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”

Add a second week to your vacation and get an “Orlando FLEXTICKET,” which will give you park to park admissions at Universal, as well as “Wet n’ Wild,” “Seaworld” and “Aquatica.”  Purchase a ‘FLEXTICKET PLUS” and you can add Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay (about two hours away).

Kennedy Space Center:

Located about an hour outside of Orlando, but well worth the drive, the space center offers several tour options, as well as astronaut experiences.  Also on display is the space shuttle Atlantis.

The Orlando Eye:

This will be a 400-foot tall observation wheel (like a giant ferris wheel, but with enclosed gondolas) similar to the London Eye and the Las Vegas High Roller.

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The Getaway Guru’s Favorite San Francisco Eateries

Many people love San Francisco, including The Getaway Guru, and lot’s of folks know he came from the city by the bay, visits it as often as he can, and loves to eat in its myriad of great restaurants.  Here’s a list of The Guru’s favorites.


Tadich Grill at 240 California Street is a nostalgic “old-school” seafood restaurant with high ceiling, surly waiters, but great food.  It opened in 1849 with the absolute best Cioppino (seafood stew) in the world.  Other favorites include Petrale Sole (what doesn’t taste good sauteed in herbed butter?), Sand Dabs, and Oysters Rockefeller.   No reservations.

Anchor Oyster Bar is at 579 Castro Street.  Since 1977, diners have been coming to this nautically themed eatery for fresh fish.  They are especially noted for Crab and Oysters.

Scoma’s Pier 47 is actually on Pier 1 between Fisherman’s Wharf  and Ghiradelli Square and boasts “the freshest seafood.”  Yeah, it’s a bit touristy, but pretty solid delivery of the best seafood in the Wharf area.


Delfina Italian  is at 3621 18th Street and it’s not your “mom and pop” spaghetti joint, but offers a modern interpretation to Italian cuisine.  Review the menu before going.  Delfina Pizzeria is next door.

Cotogna Italian at 490 Pacific Avenue is a popular, rustic-modern eatery serving wood-fired pizzas, housemade pasta, and familiar and inventive Italian classics.

Tony’s Pizzeria Napoletana at 1570 Stockton Street in the heart of San Francisco’s “Little Italy” is the home of 11-time “World Pizza Champion” Tony Gemignani.  They have a large variety of pizzas, including Tony’s famous Margherita.  And, by the way, he only will cook 73 Margheritas each day!  Expect wait lines at busy times.


Ton Kiang at 5821 Geary Boulevard is a bustling mainstay serving dim sum all day plus Hakka staples such as Salt-Baked Chicken at dinner.  Good seafood and one of the best dim sum restaurants.

R & G Lounge at 631 Kearny Street in Chinatown offers classic Cantonese cuisine downstairs in a basic area and more formal dining upstairs.

Mission Chinese Food, 2234 Mission Street, is nothing fancy, but a neighborhood favorite serving up good homestyle food.

House of Nanking, 919 Kearny St., is a local favorite serving familiar Chinese dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Lines out the door often form during busy times. Located in Chinatown.


Marnee Thai at 2225 Irving Street south of Golden Gate Park is a small, family owned restaurant offering classic Thai cuisine.  Ask for their daily specials.


Amber India, 25 Yerba Buena Lane, has a diverse, high-end menu of modern and regional Indian dishes plus a lunch buffet in a polished space.  Good variety.


Max’s Opera House Café at 601 Van Ness features a “Cheesecake Factory” type menu.  The food is good, but the waiters are great.  Tell them it’s your birthday and the servers, all whom are opera singers and music students, will serenade you!

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One of the hotest selling vacations right now is an Alaska cruise.  The season is short – last week of April through September – and so, in spite of the fact that almost every cruise line sails Alaska, choice cabins are going fast.  Amazingly, prices today are lower than they have ever been.
Note:  You will find the lowest prices before June and after August.
Here are the three primary types of Alaska cruises: .
#1, Round trip Seattle, often referred to as an “inside passage” cruise, starts and ends in Seattle, lasts seven days, sometimes includes a stop in Victoria, Canada (home of the world famous Butchart Gardens), and usually includes ports of call in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, and also sails by either Glacier Bay and/or Hubbard Glacier.  Round trip airfares to Seattle are usually considerably lower than those to Vancouver, B.C., where you would either start or end most other Alaska cruises.  On the other hand, Vancouver is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in North America.
#2, Northbound or Southbound cruises are also for seven days, and start in either Whittier or Seward and end in Vancouver, B.C., or go Vancouver to Seward or Whitier.  These cruises are almost always the least expensive; however, you would have a more expensive airfare involving flights to or from Anchorage (plus shuttle to or from Seward or Whittier) as well as to or from Vancouver (or Seattle with shuttle to or from B.C.).  In this type of cruise the itinerary would perhaps include College Fjord instead of Glacier Bay or Hubbard Glacier, but other ports of call would be the same as those on a round trip Seattle cruise.  Flight and shuttle expenses would probably be at least as much if not more than the differrence in the cruise cost.
#3, A Cruise Tour, includes a seven day north-south or south-north cruise plus a two to five day land tour which would take you through Denali National Park and Mount McKinley, as well as perhaps Fairbanks and/or Keenai.  The tour portion of this vacation would come before a north to south cruise or after a south to north one.  Touring would involve a combination of motor coaches and trains with domed cars so you would be able to capture the complete majesty of magnificent Alaska  You would again need what is called an “open jaw” airfare, where you fly into one city and out of another – Vancouver, B.C. and either Fairbanks or Anchorage.
For an Alaska cruise you will want to pay a little extra for a stateroom with either a picture window or a balcony, and these are the cabins that are already filling up.  You can check availability using the cruise search engine on the home page of this website (columbusvacations.com) or by calling one of the cruise specialists at Columbus Travel:  800-373-3328.
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