Discounted Vacations – London on a Budget

Everyone has their dream vacation that they have thought about their whole lives. For some it may be the tropical beaches of the Bahamas, for others it may be a cruise along the Mediterranean, and for many it is the city of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. That’s right, London is a desired vacation of many people. This beautiful city has a reputation for being pricey; however, it is possible to take a discounted vacation in London. Here are some ways to experience this magical city on a budget.

Use the public transportation
Renting a car is an expense that is definitely unnecessary in the capital of England. There is an underground transit that runs all throughout the city called the tube. Not only is the tube much more convenient but it is also a lot cheaper. A discounted vacation in London is possible as long as the tube is the main source of public transportation.

Use student or senior discounts
For students in college or senior citizens, there are cards to buy that get discounts in international places. College students can get an International Student Identity Card which can get them discounts to different sights, food and public transportation. Senior citizens who are members of the AARP can also get discounts but on things like airfare and hotels. These cards help with a discounted vacation because it can save a lot of money in the long run.

Search out the free sights
London is full of sights to see and not all of them are over-the-top expensive. There are many that are actually free. For example, the gardens and parks in the city are free to enjoy for no cost, like Hyde Park or Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. Many museums in London are also free of charge which helps with a discounted vacation. We at Columbus Travel can help book the perfect discounted vacation for whoever wants to go.

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A Word of Caution on DIY Vacations

Everyone wants a discounted vacation these days. People who are “well-off” in this economy are few and far between. But what are some ways to get a discounted vacation? Scouring sites day and night is tiresome and sucks up more time than a lot of people are willing to give. ‘Doing It Yourself’ is a huge trend these days. Pinterest projects and crafts are at a peak. But is that the smartest thing for a vacation?

For a trip home
This is probably the only time a vacation should be or could be done by yourself. It’s easy to travel to a place where you know people and where you can trust the people you’re counting on. Flights are easy to find, borrowing cars are easy when you’re with close friends or family. A perfect discount to a good vacation visit. You’re with locals, or staying at someone’s house so you don’t have to worry about figuring out all the cool little spots in town. And you can have meals at home – Mom’s home cooking, or at the least a friends kitchen to cook meals in. Definitely a factor that makes for a nice, cheap, discounted vacation. Doing it yourself? Cake.


For an international, or otherwise, adventure
If you’re not traveling with a guide, or a friend who’s done it a handful of times before, these are best planned through a travel agency. It’s not smart to go your own way and do it yourself for a “discounted” vacation. Usually, self planned vacations seem like they’re at a discount, but end up causing more harm than good in expenses. The little hole in the wall cheap places are hard to guess, especially in a foreign land. There are tourist traps and vendors waiting to haggle you into oblivion. Best to plan an international adventure with a professional like us. In the end, it will save you money on wasted money on “guesses” of what is good. Not to mention, if you get in a pickle across the pond, it’s not exactly cheap.

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Disney Cruise Trips and exercise

When you hit the high sees on a Disney Cruise trip there is one thing you can be sure of, you will never go hungry. With so many different restaurants and eating joints your stomach will always be full. But with so many eating options you run the risk of increasing your pant size when you get home. To avoid gaining all that extra weight try out some of the fitness and sport activities on board. They will keep you entertained and help work of those Mickey ice-cream bars.

Fitness on a Disney Cruise Trip
On all Disney cruise ships you will find a work out facility loaded with weight and cardiovascular machines. You can also take group classes as well as sign up for personal training sessions.

Goofy exercises too
Located on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy is Goofy’s Sports Deck. Here you can play a round of miniature golf with your family or you can check out the sport simulators. To get your heart rate up you can head to the basketball and volleyball courts and get you game on. Remember to make it a friendly game, it is Disney and Goofy could be watching.

A Disney Cruise Trip and the Wide World of Sports
If you take a Disney Cruise Trip on either the Disney Magic or Disney Wonder ships, you will find the Wide World of Sports. On this deck you can play basketball, ping pong and other sports. If you get too tired, you can always take in the ocean view while eating another popsicle- we mean jogging in place.

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Tips for a discounted vacation

Vacations can be full of relaxation and fun. However, they can also cost a pretty penny. According to a MSN Smart Spending article, there are a couple of tips to follow if you want a discounted vacation.

Packing light and right
Depending what airline you fly on, you might have to pay to check your luggage. To avoid these luggage fees, try to pack light. If you can fit everything you need into a carry-on bag, you can save money. Baggage fees can cost upwards of an extra $100 per trip. Also, you won’t have to worry about lost luggage. No one likes going on vacation sans their clothes.

Another way to ensure a discounted vacation is to make sure you don’t forget anything. Cameras, cell phone chargers and even simple things like contact solution and tooth paste can be very expensive if you have to buy them at your destination. To avoid this problem, create a packing list and double check it so you know you are not forgetting anything.

Dining out can dish out high prices
If you are staying in a hotel room with a kitchen, stock the fridge up. By cooking your own meals you can save on dining costs. If you just can’t bare to even think about turning on the stove while you’re on your vacation you can download restaurant finder apps. These applications can help you find cheaper restaurants and sometimes offer check in deals depending on how metropolitan the area your traveling to is. If you don’t have a smart phone, our agents at Columbus Travel can give you advice on budget-friendly restaurants at your destination.

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Salt Lake City travel agencies secure your safety

The world isn’t as scary as media portray it to be, but there are precautions that must be taken when traveling outside the U.S. This is all the more reason to use a travel agency when planning a foreign vacation. This Salt Lake City travel agency has the expertise and experience when it comes to booking fun and safe vacations. Columbus Travel, while having both, also puts your safety first.

Trusting us as Salt Lake City’s travel agency
Before putting your life in someone’s hands, which is basically what you do with a travel agency, they have to earn your trust. Here at Columbus Travel we take care of our customers every step of the way. As the finest of the Salt Lake City travel agencies, your safety and overall happiness with us and your trip begins with the planning and lasts until you arrive securely back at home. We make sure to do our homework on the areas we send you, so we are confident you’ll have the perfect vacation and want to book with us again.

Escorted tours through Salt Lake City
One thing Columbus Travel offers as the premier Salt Lake City travel agency is escorted tours. We provide numerous worldwide tours with savvy tour directors. Our tours and tour directors deliver insight and safety. We wouldn’t send you out into the jungles of Costa Rica with just anybody.

Columbus Travel partners with leaders in escorted travel
Besides great prices at the greatest Salt Lake City travel agency, we also work with Globus and Cosmos to supply the best escorted tours. Globus offers more than 250 vacations to 70 countries and has been in operation for over 80 years. They also offer VIP access and inside visits to major, must-see sites.

Cosmos has been showing people the world for more than 45 years and is known for their valuable travel packages. Their expert tour directors will share their own unique stories with you, but they also allow leisure time for you to explore and enjoy on your own. We full-heartedly trust Globus and Cosmos and know you will too.

To ensure the utmost safety, it’s best to book a vacation with a travel agency. Columbus Travel has assured our customers’ safety since the beginning. We are here to take care of you and are one of the more hands on Salt Lake City travel agencies that offer escorted tours. If you’re looking for an agency that assures safety with great tours and guides with worldwide traveling experience contact us at 1-800-373-3328.

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